Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Alien Babes – Ranging from mini-babes for the picking to clever babes discarding their disguises, these covers show that, undoubtedly, all of the female aliens in the universe will be nearly human in form--and, probably, speak English too. . . .


Amazing, June-July 1953, cover by Barye Phillips

This striking cover shows alien babes as the "fruit" of an alien plant. Are they there for the picking--and, as our spaceman does a doubletake with the reader, do they ever get too ripe? This cover, more than any other, underscores the issue of the sexual availablity of women as being a prime factor in their placement on magazine covers to sell issues. One can only wonder if artist Phillips knew he was letting the "cat out of the bag," so to speak, in such an blatant way.


Dynamic Science Fiction, January 1954, cover by Milton Luros

Green space babes--prehaps a precursor to Star Trek's space vixens, who, also, were green. However, this babe appears to be headed for a cage--antennae and all. What do our purple-spacesuit clad astronauts want with her? And, how did they catch her in the first place? Maybe "The Final Figure" will tell all--but, then again, maybe not.


If, Worlds of Science Fiction, September 1954, cover by Max Reach

Little golden people, presumably people from "The Test Colony" cavort in this scene, welcoming the Earthmen. Funny how there is one golden man and eleven alien women in the image. An issue, again, of availability? You bet.


Super-Science Fiction, February 1959, cover by Emsh

Escaping from green, lizard-like tribesmen with spears can be tasking. Especially when your suit gets so hot that you can't wear anything under it. Question: What will she change into? Did artist Emsh think about this when he painted her? And, will "Horror in Space" tell us the answer when Emsh doesn't?

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