Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Before and After – Cleaning up the babes for the Internet by W. Stotler.

The magazines of the past have become things of our future. They have yellowed with time. The wear they sustained through countless hours of reading has contributed to their generally poor condition. Let's not even add the fact that these magazines were disposable in their own time, making them even less durable over time than their more expensive counterparts.

Every image in the gallery took some form of digital manipulation to repair, correct, or improve. A good fifth of the images required extensive digital touchup with Adobe Photoshop. Six of the images had to be systematically rebuilt, meaning that I digitally recreated missing sections. You should never have noticed the difference when you were browsing through the gallery–as we intended. How long does this sort of thing take to do? The entire gallery's digital capture and enhancement was accomplished in eight-and-a-half grueling hours of detailed work.

Below are some "before and after" shots, just to give you an idea of the actual state of these publications.

Babe Babe

Above: The crayon X across the words "Science Fiction" was removed by copying the surrounding color from the masthead. The astronaut on the left had no shoulder/arm. These were copied, stolen from his friend on the right. Tiny touch-ups were made, and the entire image was color adjusted to remove the loss of its coloring. About a sixth of the images in the gallery required this type of work.

Babe Babe

Above: The creases in the cover were removed by copying surrounding material, the crayon-marked 15 was removed and the blue bar rebuilt, and color adjustment was made to remove discoloration. About a fifth of the images in the gallery required this type of work.

Babe Babe

Above: Evidently, someone decided to use this issue as a coaster for their scotch and water. I removed the stain, cropped off the issue's poor edges, and adjusted the image's color. Comparatively, this image was easy to fix. Greater than half of the images in the gallery took this type of work.

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