Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Babes in Bondage – One would figure that future worlds would have more high-tech renditions of chains, manacles, and whips. . . . And, one would wonder, "Why have such items at all?" The abundance of centuries-old bondage gear on these covers, icons of slavery, having nothing at all to do with the stories between the pulps' covers, makes one wonder how progressive the future might be, and, perhaps more important, makes one wonder who the audience for these publications was. . . .


Amazing Stories, November 1956, cover by Edward Valigursky

Spacesuits and bikinis and chains. What's the connection? Did our artist consider the airless near-void of space when he drew this cover? Or, did he anticipate that the bikini babe would distract male purchasers enough that they wouldn't question the science?


10 Story Fantasy, Spring 1957, no artist credited

Slave master, our hero, strangling the slave master, and another bikini-clad babe in distress. One can only wonder if the story "Tyrant and Slave-Girl on Planet Venus" took into account the 600-degree plus temperatures on the surface of Venus!


Venture Science Fiction, January 1957, cover by Emsh

This babe has our hero caged! Will he, can he, escape? It would appear that the amazons have taken over--and, as an exception to the rule, here we have a babe in charge. Could the intimation that this is a "Virgin Planet" have anything to do with the choice of clothing?

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