Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Babes in Charge – Collected here are a few covers that show women in positions of authority, helping men, or "in charge" of the situation. Unlike the "Babes with Blasters" section, none of these women are armed--but one can see, clearly, that they are the main characters of their scenes. Note that, as with the babes carrying blasters, these women are fully clothed. What's the connection between clothing and work? Does being clothed denote that these women aren't just objects--and, indeed, are intended to be actual characters and not just props for pleasing a 1950s reader's eye?


Future Science Fiction, May 1952, cover by Milton Luros

Earthwoman destroys ship--and escapes in her spacecraft. Did her departure leave the saucer crippled, or, did she intentionally sabotage the craft? Read "Thy Days Are Numbered" and you might find out--but, then again, probably not. . . .


Galaxy, November 1953, cover by Emsh

Babes mark positions on glass in a circa 1952 strategic command center role. One may ask why they aren't using the computers to do the "real" work. And, one may ask why they are needed at all--can't the computers do that work?


Universe Science Fiction, May 1954, cover by Robert Gibson James

This vaguely Wonder Womanesque babe (from the hairstyle to the tiara) is carrying an astronaut. In the only cover of its type we could find, the woman is truly "in charge," and, if you read "'Shock' Story" you may just determine why. . . .

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