Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Exhibition History

The Babes in Space gallery was part of the Penn State Science Fiction Consortium Web site from May of 1997 to May of 1998. The entire PSSFC site was removed from the Internet by Penn State in May of 1998 due to lack of staffing.

William Stotler, the gallery's primary creator, currently hosts the site to serve researchers and fans of science fiction. The gallery, now, is in no way connected with Penn State--William Stotler is soley responsible for its content and its hosting.

Exhibition Credits

William Stotler and Lee Ann Baronett selected the magazine covers and chose catagories for them.

William Stotler prepared the images (see sidebar "Before and After: Cleaning up the babes for the Internet"), wrote the HTML code to display them, and wrote all text in the exhibition.

The Penn State Rare Books Room staff should be lauded for allowing us to cart off a small part of their collection. Without their generous support (and tolerance), this exhibition would not have been possible. You can visit their Web page by clicking here.

Any errors, problems, or comments may be given by clicking directly to William at

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