Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Experimental Babes – Babes falling into the clutches of mad scientists and aliens are a standard trope in pulp science fiction and we've collected several examples for you. This section is connected to "Babes Under Glass," but differs from it because the babes here are obviously part of an experiment. . . .


Future Fiction, November 1939, cover by J. W. Scott

What were those guys in the funny helmets planning to do to her? And, why couldn't she save herself? Levers, a ray gun wielded by a square-jawed, needs-a-shave hero, restraints, and bug-eyed aliens are all staples of pulp science fiction covers. One can only wonder, again, what those levers really do. . . .


Fantastic Novels Magazine, January 1951, cover by De Soto

Well, the little green men have literally captured this babe. And, horrifyingly enough, are injecting or extracting something from her. What are they doing to her?! Hopefully, she'll wake up and escape--or, in line with the pulp genre, the male "hero" will be along shortly to save her. You'd think that "Drink We Deep" would have the answers--not surprisingly, it doesn't.


If, Worlds of Science Fiction, September 1952, cover by Ralph Joiner

Check out that mad scientist's glasses! And, what is that box from which the one-eyed, mouthless, noseless babe is protruding? Are they "beaming" her in? Or, did they create her? "Shock Treatment," disappointingly, doesn't tell.


Super-Science Fiction, April 1957, Kelly Freas

Is this the "Pariah Girl"? And, why is she smiling? Artist Freas must know--he picked her attire and set the setting. Since when have bikinis been standard issue for lab work?

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