Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Babes under Glass – We never expected to find so many covers with women trapped in glass containers, bubbles, and other transparent prisons. But, here they are. What commentary does this make?


Startling Stories, January 1939, no artist credited

Here's an early cover, one of the oldest we found. And, predictably, our babe is trapped, high-heels and all, at the mercy of the gigantic robot.


Startling Stories, September 1939, no artist credited

Grave robbing aliens in blue diving suits? Glass-enclosed caskets? Why do the aliens want dead women wearing pink burial dress? And, will "The Bridge to Earth" tell all? Don't count on it.


Super Science Stories, November 1949, cover by Lawrence [Note: No artist is directly credited for the cover, but Lawrence's work is featured in the magazine's interior.]

Women shot from cannons in transparent bubbles? Were they at a slumber party before they were shot from the surface? From their protestations, one can bet they didn't consent to the trip. On these covers are they ever consenting? And what might that tell us about the readers', artists', or editors' tastes?


Fantastic Universe Science Fiction, January 1956, cover by Emsh

Is this cover a strange, oblique precursor to Asimov's Fantastic Voyage? Or, might "Keepers of the House," "Wednesday's Child," or "The Minority Report" actually have something to do with the strange lifeforms and the entrapment? Nope.

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