Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Babes of Myth – These covers show mythical babes, or, artists' portrayals of women in a mythical way. Again, the covers have little to do with the pulpy contents of the magazines--but, by now, we should have expected that. . . .


Super Science Stories, January 1950, cover by Lawrence

Blonde babe in a whirlwind comes from her planet to shoot lightning bolts, elemental-style, at offenders. One can only wonder if her clothing got lost in the tornado. . . . And, how is it that in zero gravity a whirlwind works at all? Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe the answers will be inside the magazine--maybe not.


Super Science Stories, July 1950, cover by Lawrence

Space siren, faerie, or otherwise mythical, sprite-like woman here can be seen "teasing" a spaceman who, no doubt, is reconsidering his understanding of physics.


Galaxy Science Fiction, April 1954, cover by Emsh

This cover is quite interesting--on a mythical planet, this future "Eve" is grasping for the fruit of an alien tree, invoking the Bible's tale of Adam and Eve--and their fall from grace. Is her yellow outfit proclaiming a "caution" signal, whereas the apple's red is "stop," and the man's outfit means "go?" Or, did artist Emsh just draw it up--not really considering the implications?


Fantastic Universe Science Fiction, October 1958, cover by Virgil Finlay

Two spacemen leaving their spaceship are turned to stone--one futuristic Medusa is the culprit. The Greek mythos, or, at least, its "look," appears once again--and, again, has nothing to do with the contents of the magazine. . . .

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