Babes in Space by W. R. Stotler and L. Baronett

Babes with Blasters – As the title of this section suggests, here are several examples of covers featuring women with weapons. Note that, unlike other covers, the women in this section are fully clothed. . . . What's the connection? Why is it the case that women with guns (and, presumably, taking charge--or are bailing out a male colleague) need clothes when the other, apparently less "aggressive" women in other sections are wearing less?

Babe with raygun

Fantastic Story, Summer 1951, no artist credited

The helmet makes the babe--or maybe the hairdo--or maybe the chinstrap that is suspiciously collar-like. What was our artist thinking when he drew this babe up?

Babe with raygun

Super Science Stories, September 1949, cover by Lawrence

Erin Gray, move over. This babe is, according to the expression on her face, not happy that her companion, male, is sucking on alien atmosphere. Obviously, everyone in the future will be thin--or at least according to artist Lawrence's standards. . . .

Babe with raygun

Space Stories, December 1952, cover by Earle K. Bergey

On the planet of the damned, this babe has her blaster at the ready--and, like the others, is fully clothed. Is it then a prerequisite that babes with blasters must be in jumpsuits before they can obtain a gun? And, what is their status--as opposed to those women in bikinis?

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