Skill Points Leaderboard

Ace2three is here with the Skill Points Leaderboard - Real Fun begins Now!

Top 1000 players from the Weekly Skill Points Leaderboard will share from a Prize Pool of Rs.1 Lakh.

How are Skill Points calculated?

Skill Points are calculated based upon rummy count you have at the end of a game and your winning percentage. More games you win and more rummy count you reduce, better will be your points.

For ex: If you win a rummy hand, you will have higher skill points as you finished with zero count.

To get more Skill points:

  • Avoid dropping after first round to keep your count minimum
  • When opponent places the show, make sure you re-arrange the cards to minimize the count
  • Avoid placing wrong shows during the game

How to register?

  • Applicable for only 6 player cash games
  • No Multiple accounts for the same player is allowed. If found, leaderboard points will be cancelled.
  • Weekly Skill Points Leaderboard will consider all cash games starting from Monday to Sunday and the Leaderboard will be updated on next Monday.
  • Ace2Three is not liable for any network disconnections on the user's computer or any other external networks during the games.
  • Skill Points are non-redeemable and are only for the sole purpose of Leaderboard ranking.
  • Winning amount is subject to TDS and will be credited to user's account as Gift Voucher post necessary checks in 7 working days after the Weekly Skill Points Leaderboard.
  • Ace2Three reserves the right to take final decision in case of any unforeseen technical issues.